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2018 - 2019 ReverbNation Reviews

“Reminds me of blink 182 from the early days, awesome beat and nice lyrics. The high pitch of his voice is also quite refreshing. Reminds me also of simple plan nice fast beat that is very catchy.”

“Good sound quality. It sounds exactly like what you would expect from a small club punk performance. It's like Green Day and Blink 182 and Bowling For Soup mashed together. I like it:-)”

“This song is really good and sounds like a mix of multiple artists. The beat of this song is really good and the singing is also good. The lyrics are exceptional.”

“This song takes me back to when I as a kid! I liked the just about everything about this track, and can't think of anything negative to say about it.”

“I loved the temp on this one. The guitars sounded sick. The vocals were very well produced. This sounds like Blink 182 to me I think.”

“It is fast beat and the lyrics is good. It sounds like it should be on the radio. It is very professional song.”

“This song rocks so hard. I love how this track is structured and set up and I think the lyrics and vocals here are really solid.”

“Very nice drumming to start this one off right. Kind of sounded like some old school BLINK 182 to me. Loved the vibe and the production.”

“When you need that extra jolt for your day while heading out to the skate park or out at the mall with buddies this is your jam for those occasions.”

“The song reminds me of fall out boy and other bands I used to listen when I was younger, so it is kind of a nostalgia trip that makes me like it.”

“I dig the fast technical style of this punk song. Very mid 90's sounding. Love the crisp clean production. Solid production and catchy chorus.”

“I liked the speed... The vocals... The expert use of musical lines. The lyrics are great with the music. Love it! Great production.”

“I really like the energy of this a lot, it just really explodes with sound, and it is a good throwback to pop punk I listened to when younger.”

“This song has an excellent beat and reminds me of Relient K. I would actually want to own a CD by Americas Favorite Punk.”

“This song is loud, boisterous and rowdy just like I love my punk rock music. I look forward to adding this to my musical library.”


“I like everything about the song. I can relate to the lyrics in regards to my past relationships. I like the lyrics, vocals, drums, and guitars. It has a nice upbeat tempo. It's definitely a Pop-Punk song, but it sounds very good, and it should get radio play.”


“Great guitar work! Solid drums/bass - this is a very well produced track with great song structure and a very well delivered vocal. Great groove, lots to like about this track. This should be getting radio play - well done, keep it up!”


“Overall this is a really strong track with a great pop punk vibe happening. I love how this song is set up and organized and think that it works really well as a whole. The chorus is tight and incredibly catchy.”


“I liked this song, it reminds me a lot of the old New Found Glory songs that I was such a fan of when I was younger growing up. I love the music and the vocals. I feel they both complement each other very much.”


“I like the sharp and punchy guitar. The lyrics are well executed with a good message. This band has a slight "Blink 182" feel. Great beat that makes me want to dance.”


“Reminds me a lot of the music I listened to in high school. It's very upbeat and catchy. I could see myself listening to more of this band and recommending them to friends.”


“Very good instrumentals, vocals and lyrics. Everything goes together well. Song is upbeat and easy to listen to. Would listen again and like to hear another from group.”


“Avalon had really energetic music and I enjoyed the liveliness of it. The singing was good and was a good fit for the style of music played.”


“When the mood for the day is to hit the beach and you just happened to get a love letter in the mail, then it's a California kind of world.”


“I really got into the beat and music of this song the band really nailed it. The vocals were spot on with the delivery of the lyrics.”


-ReverbNation Crowd Reviews,


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